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The Dexibell Classico L3 digital organ is all the home, amateur, or professional organist requires in their home.

It’s, basically, a classical (Pipe) organ but the one main advantage the L3 has over the traditional instrument, is that you can pop it under your arm and play it anywhere that has a plug socket.

With built in (and surprisingly powerful) speakers, you don’t even need any external amplification – you can, of course, amp it up for that extra boost in power should you need to do so via the ¼” output jacks.Image result for classico l3

Should you wish to use a pedal set, simply plug your MIDI organ pedals in the MIDI IN socket and the L3 will allocate the Pedal stop voicings/functions to them.

There are dedicated sockets for ‘Expression’ and ‘Damper/hold’ (both assignable) and ‘Crescendo’, again for that genuine Organ functionality.

Back to the main feature…The Organ: With a (full / split) 76 key keyboard, the L3 has a 3 part keyboard mode (Manual I, Manual II, Pedal) giving you the full versatility of a 2 manual & pedal Pipe Organ. Manual I has 7 stops, Manual II 6, and Pedal 3 and there are 5 preset types of organ to choose from, depending on your preference. You can also add solo sounds (IE flute,violin, oboe or trumpet) for that little bit of extra punch.

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It doesn’t stop there (excuse the pun): There are also thumb pistons which can hold your own presets (3×4 banks), 7x reverbs, 3x tremulants, split or coupled Manuals, 35 orchestral voices, Chord enhancer, balance control for Manuals I & II, transposition control, media player (.wav.MP3 .aiff) USB direct recorder, 7x temperament, 3x touch sensitivity (+ fixed) and so on…

With unlimited polyphony from 320 oscillators, the L3 is really revolutionary. Gone are the days of 1 or 2 ‘Pipe Organ’ samples to play with…Now you can have a whole Cathedral in your front room.